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Angelo Zuena was born in 1970 in the province of Latina in Itri, where he lives and works. 
His artistic training, developed outside the academies and marked by a furious desire and need for self-expression, reaches fulfillment after a painful, conceptual, compositive and formal adventure. Zuena loves complications, looks for the chaos, fights with matter. The great dedication and feverish obsession the artist devotes to the preparation of tables, is like a prayer gesture, a spiritual exercise: waiting for the advent; tense and spasmodic disposal for revelation. He leaves the beauty of chaos and the randomness of chromatic mapping suggest the artist a way to go, a possible operational solution, which is called out and controlled by reason.

His palette: rare fragments of blue cobalt or dizzy ultramarine blue, low and autumn hues  of lumpy and burnt lands, rotting undergrowth,  collapsed and sticky such as bitumen.

His work ranges from the works of early years, in which only the sign survives a crumbled nucleus in its primordial essentiality, to successive figurative paintings where the human figure (TRANCE) emerges as memory, archeological fragment of itself.

TRANCE is a chronicle of the movement towards the future, photographed in his crude but necessary phase of laceration, desolation and loneliness.

The following works are geometric, severe and controlled compositions, where sharp triangles sting as broken glass. Then a new  kind, an ‘astral’ painting where Zuena ‘Astronaut’ shows planets and stars in his own image and likeness, addressing the night sky to find his way back. 
In his last works wild vegetation and seabed predominate , such as substances shaped like little sponges, soft corals, water waves transformed in glass,  a constant parthenogenesis of organic matter from inorganic matter, where the flower and the iron live together.

Angelo Zuena

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