venditti antonello

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Antonello Venditti is born in Avezzano June 13th of the 1975, resides and works in Trasacco, en old little town in the ancient country of Marsica, in the earth of the italian region Abruzzi. He discovers the oil painting from the age of 8 years participating to the first competitions, in order then to arrive to his first staff of painting to the age of 14 years. Graduated to the I.S.A of Avezzano, in metals art and the goldsmith’s art, the course with master Aldo Turchiaro continues the studies to the academy of Fine Arts in Rome following. After the first two years academics, the studies are interrupted in order lend military service near the barracks “Pasquali” of the Aquila, where he realizes important murals paintings and  he executes 25 commissioned tables from the Gen. Giorgio Ruggeri, used later on like Italian political important gift. After the 1997 he is moved still to Rome where he continues the experimentation of the painting trying to perfect his technique working with copies of authors. Between extemporaneous of painting, competitions and involvements in artistic reviews, he succeed to represent the myth, the legend and the world classic in unusual way, through symbols and technique.

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