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Born in Sardinia in1969, he soon became interested in designing and sculpture, interest that soon gave evidence of a predisposition for creativity and experiments, these soon became predominant traits in his personality.

For him it becomes almost instinctive to take advantage of this capacity, as an observe self- learning, he slowly saw his work from small to great become realized until he frequented the state school of art.

After a long pause he also dedicated himself to studying music, attending the state conservatory of music in (Cagliari) Italy in 1984, he resumed painting and sculpture.

Artistic movement that has had a major influence on his style of painting is, impressionism.

His work is represented by scenery of woodlands, country and marine expanses, giving one the sensation of experience of living in contact with the great extension of the sea and the inland of his beautiful island.

With nautical passion but above all passion for flight, Giorgio Tore dedicates to this last one his professional life, leaving to his art the necessity of the purest creativity.

Giorgio Tore

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