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In collaboration with the Gallery Carré Doré, Art PROMOTION of Rosanna Cotugno introduces the artist ROMI Osti

PIT STOP at the Carré Doré Gallery Monte Carlo

« S P E E D »

Exhibition on « Motoring Art » until 9 June

PRIVATE VERNISSAGE with Live Music :  23 May 2012 from 6 p.m to 8 p.m

On the occasion of the 70th Grand Prix of Monaco, the Carré Doré Gallery Monte Carlo presents a surprising exhibition of the automotive world. We exhibit international artists, who will alternate throughout the period of exposure, interpreting in their own way this universe so wide.

From Russia, Konstantin Khudyakov and his new digital technologies.

Thierry Benenati, from France, will present a sculpture that masterfully combines the animal and mechanical speed, and Alain Vilboux will make us travel through time to discover the old cars in Monaco.

From Italy, Roberta Diazzi and her realistic and graphic artworks, Romi Osti, eclectic artist, and his surreal series entitled “Automobili Improbabili”, Sasha Torrisi, also Italian, will present his artworks,  “very pop art”.

From Brazil, Marcos Marin, known for his optical art will exhibit two artworks dedicated to Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

Cyril Uhnack, from Slovakia, will dedicate his work to F1.

And coming straight from the United States, Timothy Raines, painted his love for “brands” of luxurious cars.

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