mrazova sarka

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She was born in the Czech Republic, where she got the artistic diploma at the Prague Lyceum. Since 1985 she lives and works in Italy. After several study trips Abroad, she starts painting under the artistic guidance of the Master J. Husarikova. Since 1995 she has organized several solo exhibitions and has participated to group exhibitions in Italy and Abroad.

The art of Sarka can be framed in the sphere of visual arts. Soon, her natural and inherited predisposition evolves to an independent maturity of her artistic expressivity, in a new environment, influenced by her private situation as well as by the creation of her own  family.

A strength full of magic colours, images, emotions – fluency of poetry and exciting reality with its uniqueness and originality. Spectrum of never banal arguments, she surprises you with her unusual unfettered thinking, the surface of the paintings is full of versatile patterns. The chromatic scale is not limited to its tuning, but it fascinates with new resonances. It ‘s obvious that these paintings are not only created with great cleverness and passion, but with an honest care of her handicraft .

Everything is in perfect balance and harmony with its full supremely inventive and evocative aesthetic that affect our aspiration.

Revival of places and emotional journeys. Signs, environments and anthropomorphic deities, stylized, places where spaces are not crowded, full of messages, witness of elegance and refinement, a blaze of colours, among fireworks tones, semitones and luminosity.

Her  works, with their resonance, assure us that the eternal human desire of harmony, beauty and lyricism is still alive and is still able to fill us with happiness in everyday life

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