valisi roberto

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When you enter in the study of the sculptor Roberto Valisi you will see scenery made of ancient presences, projected with virility and strength our contemporaneity they are athletes, gymnasts, and heroes, portraits of common men intentionally and wisely carried out with a figurative language of clear classical ancestry. The sculptor doesn’t create for citations or simple assemblages of archaeological shreds, the ancient aspect is included, stripped of flesh of every superfluous and unnecessary excess and inessential in order to give life to creatures that speak to us through their naked bodies. The ropes, the bandages the steel threads that surround the figures are important elements. They are the drawstrings of life from which these animate and vital creatures, living representations of a deep internal fight against the world, want to be liberated from. . works like the boxer or the imprisoned hero, that appear as beaten men, in actual fact are figures that pursue victory, because their minds have not been defeated. the sculptor succeeds in gathering that instant of the reflection, of the concentration, of the meditation, he therefore concentrate on what is the most difficult part to represent: the incorporeity of the thought. every sculpture now shouts loudly, the surface of the bodies is wisely made them vibrating through an alive line, never insistent or excessively finished up or mincing. also the lines, the lights, the shades are absolutely essential and everything contributes to increase the quality of the works of Roberto Valisi .

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