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Born in Poland in 1985.

He has a degree in the Fine Arts Academy of Katowice in 2010.

Acquired the title of technician specializing in Artistic Glass (stained glass) in the National School of Fine Arts, Dąbrowa Górnicza in 2005.

Working for years for “Printgraf”, a Graphic Design Company in Czeladź.

In 2006 and 2007 worked as a costume and decoration designer in the Golf Hotel Paradiso teather in Peschiera del Garda (Italy).

In addition, he has done the design and the production of the following works for the city of Czeladź (Poland): a monument dedicated to Katyń victims, ceiling made in the art of stained glass for the Married Palace, wall decoration at Wind Orchestra headquarters, “Tadeusz Kantor” Monument for the National School of Fine Arts, two models of St.Stanisław churches (from the late nineteenth century) on a scale of 1:100.

PhD Dorota Glazek

The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

The commendation of painting workshop

Krzysztof Powałka, this year painting graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice,  belongs to the unusual nowadays group of followers going in for classical painting. At the beginning, he had been studying at his father’s workshop and then at the Academy, Zbigniew Blukacz’s workshop, going in for expressionism based colour painting. Krzysztof

Powałka creates his large format paintings in subdued range of colours, and uses formal solutions reaching Impressionism and Post-impressionism traditions. Moreover, composition, space and picture creation presented in his works also dates back as far as to classical tradition of pre-cubism painting. His greatest achievements so far are two painting cycles, which were presented on this year graduation. The first one, called ‘Lonely Muse’, is a cycle of four, different format paintings, with a mature woman presented in a situation of existential social exclusion or loneliness, whose gestures express isolation, sadness and frustration, as the main character. This atmosphere is deepen by rich but subdued colours, where even the reds seem to be muted, and cool colours counterbalance the warm ones. This character is an allegory of classical painting or even the classical art with its workshop denouements and formal achievements, which are as often and without scruples rejected by many artists, as the withering women neglected by the modern society. According to the author, the second cycle is a series of monochromatic, almost oil, paintings presenting two male nudes. Anonymous, in indefinite space, presented in various poses, they evoke photograms of Eadweard Muybridge. In both cycles, the author presents great workshop skills, expressed in the space creation, proportions playing used for expressing the atmosphere and skillful space creation using colour. The elements of his workshop, skillfully gained at the beginning of his independent creations, prognoses for him a glorious future . If he continues his classical painting workshop  he may soon become recognized as one of  the highly regarded realistic painters . The rejection of the classical workshop will probably happen in an evolutionary way, which very often leads to artistically interesting results!

Katowice 2010

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