Group Exhibition to REDSTAR – Hangzhou (Shanghai)

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Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, is located few miles from Shanghai. It is a modern metropolis and the main political, economic and cultural center.

The town has more than 7,000,000  citizens, with its famous natural beauty, bridges and luxurious gardens all around. Marco Polo who visited it at the end of the XIII Century, describes Hangzhou as one of the most beautiful and noble place in the World.

The Redstar Culture Center is placed in the huge Crystal Skyscraper. Inside, apart from the very famous hotel, there is one of the most important artistic theatre of Hangzhou.

At the Redstar Cultural Center, the Federazione Nazionale Artisti (National Federation of Artists) shall organize a Contemporary Art Exhibition from   3th to 22th May 2011.

Artists with a particular talent shall have the opportunity to stipulate collaboration contracts, on long terms basis, to expand and commercialize their artworks in the Asian market.

Event’s curator: Rosanna Cotugno

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