moro mattia

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Mattia Moro was born in Italy in a city near Verona in 1978.

Thanks various experiences in Art studies, he focus one’s attention on the rappresentation of own states of mind through many expressive ways and in particular with painting.He searches to sublime those lived experiences and sensations with the used of shapes, colours and simbolism that belong him.In this way he gets a sort of “Introspective self-protrait”.He is fascinated about psycology of human mind and he submits himself to self-analysis by means of his works as they were a mirrow of own “me”, searching to understand himself thanks art.In fact, as it happens with dreams, in the first place he paints and then he tries to interpret whathe did through a close reading dictated by state of mind and experiences of the period of production.He has to pass few days or some months for realizing works.Moro says: “..i know how i start..but not how i will finish..” because he uses a particular tecnique..he tries to “disorientate the productive line”.That means he starts with some shapes an the canvas; then he does not look it for some days and when he understandsn it, he can pick out any subjects obtained by precedents.When shapes become defined, he goes to discover parts of those already exist creating a “chronological violence” and determinating another objects.These processes can last various months until you can feel the right balance and you can define the completion of works.

Moro concludes saying:”Under every work you can see ten of it back..they are like can see their behaviours..their body..but you can not see what there is in reality..their mind..their sensations…”

Moro Mattia

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