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Soul. Sensation. Pain. Passion. Emotion. And I would also add Dreams.
These are the elements that represent Luca Moretto and his works of art.
The artist speaks to us through a simple yet specific language, his “I-world” moulds itself in the mind to become sign and form, the colour is the feeling of the moment, the moment in time that is frozen onto the canvas and instantly brings back ancestral memories.
His pact with pain drives him to challenge the canvas with more and more increasingly intense colours, with differing materials like silicone, which is by now a must in his artistic poetry, and lightweight, irreplaceable carbon, which reflects his second love: engines. Through these materials and colours Luca conveys something that is unique: looking at his countless hues is an unparalleled emotional journey, it is the dream that takes shape, makes us appreciate life more and his way of “seeing the world” all of a sudden becomes ours too.
We can, however, manage to understand very little by just “glancing” at his work. The secret lies in continuing to look, listen and touch; the colours embrace us and there almost seems to be music coming from them – it is the energy of his art.
Let’s close our eyes and listen, feel what colour the breeze has on our face.
The soft, smooth as well as slightly rough materials are stimulating to the touch, enthralling the observer, taking us back to our childhood, while the strong, decisive and bright colours succeed in conveying to us his expressive force.
His pictures are “soft” pieces of colour, which come together for the sole purpose of communicating and for Luca conveying emotions is his art.
The pop influence can immediately be felt as can his desire to master it in his own original way by retrieving the true POPular spirit, in other words, something for everyone, Luca wants to reach out to people, to the heart of everyone.
Abstraction therefore becomes the only way for him to soar together with his emotions.
His colours are his inner being, his natural strength to transcend, beyond the infirmity and beyond every psychic thought that provokes man to face the daily challenge with himself.
Luca is elsewhere when he paints, lost in his own world, outside his body, and his mind produces while his hand crafts a sign, a stroke, a stunning dash of colour. For this artist it is probably a way to be one with nature and to seek an identity that is sacrosanct and that each of us possesses.
There is a feeling of amazement and wonder when confronted with his many facets, the sign of his positive nature and of his desire to shout at the world to live life to the full, his art longs to give moments of visual joy and serenity – that is his message.
He has emerged victorious from suffering and has drawn on it for his new life; he never describes pain in his works but more readily relishes life and the sorrows of man are transformed into good, into art.

Loredana Spadolini, art historian.

Luca Moretto

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