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Originally from Padania (nord Italy), Lamberto Melina has used his natural talents and has worked to develop his inborn qualities since his youth. Shy and by nature averse to academic indoctrination, Melina developed over the years a very personal poetic, taking alternative growth paths and by frequenting talented artists. Graduated with a degree in aesthetic philosophy in Milan, art director and visual designer, critic and editorialist, in the early 1990s, he dedicated himself fully to art with a passion and with success. In 1995, Melina ended this chapter in his career and disappeared from the scene, to finally reappear in 2008. In these years of silence, he turned his attention to interior development of styles and the theoretical foundation of his artistic action, while writing essays on multiple artistic techniques, from video art to computer art, material art to photography, while only disclosing the results of this research under pseudonyms. In 2007, the conclusion of the conceptual path and the ideal definition of the technical process of ostensione and his mature cultural and artistic identity.

Lamberto Melina

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