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I am Francesco Mai from Italy and I was born in Milan in 1972.I am a digital artist and a photographer..My research was born from the observation of the wonderful shapes of Nature.A research not only for the forms but also for the materials that I use on my sculptures.I love to create objects that doesn’t exist but that are full of life and force.A force that takes place from twisting and sharp prickles:they are need for protection,never for attack.But their defence could be deadly.Sure my past of biology student and my love for photography(that I still practice,especially in far and forgotten lands like Madagascar,Ethiopia,Sri Lanka and so on)has an influence on the final results of my works.I like to use procedural materials like rust and mould,opposite to the glass and shining,reflecting,polished materials that I use mixing together.A very strong balance takes place with this dualism.I often definite my works” Alien digital sculptures”because they were born from an organic concept but not terrestrial(or better not from mother Nature that we see with ordinarily eyes).Technically my works are rendering,that is a computer¬† simulation of optical physics of the objects and the environments that I create.

All my works are rendered at very high resolution(16.000*10.000 pixel and more).They are all limited edition of 5 pieces and each work is sold with a certification of authenticity signed at the presence of the client when is possible..They are printed with Lambda technology at the dimension of 78*39 inch at 200dpi

Francesco Mai

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