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Loriano Aiazzi, named “the shapes and lines forms’ balance. The last five years were for the sculptor an important success for his work. Due to several presences in prestigious art exhibitions in many towns, in Italy and abroad, underlined by his personal exhibition at Palazzo della Regione Toscana in Florence as well as the participation at the Biennial exhibition of international art in Rome.

We can easily understand why his own discretion gave him, in the last years, “an open mind to achieve success and freedom, which allow him to search novelties more and more, but which never forget the essential, his emotions: “the shapes and lines forms’ balance. His classic style reveals his wish for “abstraction” and mostly for his synthesis’ needs. His figures and animals sculptures are real, tangible. They transmit emotions and feelings towards their soft geometries. Light blooms among the contrasts between the classic and green patinated bronze. Opposite emotions catch the eyes, wishes for rushes are well showed in the “torsions” and in the “whirls”, such as in the dancers or in the tributes to music or singing.

But among all, here is the power of Aiazzi: his creative ability to infuse in his works his “anxious” feelings, which allow grazing horses, families, lovers, sacred objects using a breath of real poetry. Once I wrote: “Aiazzi is in continuous research of harmony”. Here is another relevant aspect of his way of work: the search of abstraction.

This is the reason why in his jobs we find elegance in both static and animated subjects.

Nowadays Aiazzi’s bronze and chalk works, variously dated, are an exhaustive way able to emphasize his creative attitude and his expressive freedom. Freedom which is never conditioned by lingering over a detail. It slides over with a smooth geometric line, without deprive the comprehension, exalting the image by the synthesis, the light effects and feeling inspiration.

Franco Riccomini

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