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January 13, 1971
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México


1986               Studied at the Plastics Art School of the University of Guadalajara
1986-88         Also took particular draw and paint classes with Pedro Eúfraca.
1989               Got started on fashion illustration at the Lanspiac Institute.
1990               Took Modeling and mold making classes at the Visual Arts School of the University of Guadalajara.
1994               Got Certified in Anatomic Drawing (naked) from the Visual Arts School of the University of Guadalajara
1995               Got Certified in Art History from the Visual Arts School of the University of Guadalajara
2005              Learned Lost wax casting (self training)


1988               Founded his first folk crafts in clay workshop and Designed sea figures for the Florida Sea World
1989-2002    Worked as a draw and illustration teacher for several design institutes in Guadalajara.


1993               Worked with Pedro Eúfraca and painted his first mural named “The North America´s Western”
1994               Painted the Mural named “Sculpture´s evolution” for the Journalism and Graphic Arts Museum of Guadalajara
1996               Painted several murals about regional themes for private clients in Uruapan, Michoacán
1999               Painted the mural named “The syncretism and the art conquest in México” in Tonalá, Jalisco for a private client.
2003              Painted several private murals behind the theme “The magic of water” in Cancún, Quintana Roo
2011               Painted six murals in different locations in Cerdeña, Italy (Norbello, Sansperate, Santa Giusta, Oristano and Simaxis)
2011               All of them about the “Sarda Tradition”.


1993              “Primal Expressions” at the International Banc in Guadalajara
1995              “Essences Similarities” at the National Museum of Ceramics in Tonalá, Jalisco
1996              “Muses and Paradises” at the Alfredo Zalce Museum in Morelia, Michoacán
1999              “Between Ignorats and Ignored” at the Ex Convento del Carmen in Guadalajara
1999              “Fantasy Metaphore” at House of Culture in Autlán, Jalisco
2000             “Naked Humanity” at the Modern Art Center
2000             “Virtuosity in Evolution” at Caba Gallery in Ajijic, Jalisco
2001              “Multiple Paradises Vertex” at the Journalism and Graphic Arts Museum in Guadalajara
2003             “Water Forms” at the Culture House of Cancún, Quintana Roo
2004             “Genesis” at Dante Gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
2005             “Beyond Bounds” at the Light Street Gallery in Baltimore, MD
2006             “Internal Dialogues” at L.A. Art Center, L.A. CA.
2008             “Polychrome Essences” at Atenea Gallery in St. Miguel Allende, Guanajuato
2009             “Genomic” at Free Hands Gallery in Colima
2004-2013   Permanent Exhibition at Dante Gallery in Puerto Vallarta


1993               The Young National Paint Competition for INDART with honor mention at the Pinacoteca 2000 in México City
1996               “Hybrid Sensations” at Cultural Centre in Colomos, Zapopan
1998               “Jalisco Contemporary Plastic” at Cabañas Cultural Institute
1999               Selected for Atanasio Monroy Competition at the Cabañas Cultural Institute.
1999               “XX Life and Death Room” at the Ex Convento del Carmen in Guadalajara
2000             “Plastics of Jalisco” Itinerant Collection over Guadalajara’s Sister Cities in USA
2000              (Downey, CA. Tucson, Arizona. San Antonio, TX.
2000              Portland, Oregon.  Alburquerque, Nvo. Mexico.   Lansing, Michigan. Kansas City, Missouri and Laredo, Tx)
2002              “Integrations” at the Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara
2004              “20 x 20” at the Ancient Palace of the Archbishop Museum of SHCP at México City
2005              “Lifestyles, Erotic Art Tour” at Puerto Vallarta
2008              “Hybrid Clouds” at Caf-Eco Gallery in Guadalajara
2008              “From the same source” at Technologic University of México
2009              “Amrros” a Gallery in Saint Petesburg, Rusia


2006               Monterrey FEMSA
2009               Yucatán.
2013                X Edition Joaquin Clausell, Universiti Autonomous of Campeche.


2011                Cantieri in Libertá (about mural paint and sculpture) Sardegna, Italy


1992                Second Place in Drawning at National Cultural Games in México, DF.
1993                First Place at XV National Ricardo Flores Magón Drawing Competition
1993                Honor Mention at the National Paint INDART Competition as one of the best México´s 20 young painters
1994                Honor Mention in sculpture modeling for Mexican Christmas Figures in Guadalajara
1996                Second Place at Pablo Picasso Paint Competition in Guadalajara
1999                Honor Mention at Mural Competition in Puerto Vallarta
2011                Artistic Distinction and Cultural Contribution Award for IL Comune Di Gonnostramatza, Cerdeña, Italy


2006               Trilingual Catalog (English, Rusian and Spanish)
2006               The Galder Jalisco Artists Catalog II (Carlos Navarro)
2008               Jalisco Artists Dictionary I (Carlos Navarro)
2013                Magazine International ArtNexus Edition 91


1994                “The Writing Evolution” at the Journalism and Graphic Arts Museum in Guadalajara
2008               “Time for circumcise the Heart” at Medicine Museum from the University of Guadalajara

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