iacopelli alessandro

22-05-2010 | Artisti | staff | No comments

My works are born from a deep and passionate love for entomology, meaning the branch of zoology that deals with insects. In my childhood I was rarely engaged in games with boys my age. Rather, I was very much attracted to – and absorbed by – the watching and the research of that fascinating world of unusual interest for a child: the world of insects.

One day, some years ago, by chance I took pictures of an insect by using a digital camera and was able to discover a reality previously hidden to my gaze; it was the universe of shapes and colors that has inspired many a design for modern architectures.

My works, thus, are often inspired by the representation of the creatures I observe when turning to what has become a real passion for me: the macro-photography of insects.

The choice of materials to use for my sculptures came about by chance when watching my brother using some metal sheets to provide the cover for a book. With the waste material I proceeded to create some small insects. I was delighted by the ease the metal sheet allowed  shaping forms and by the final result so beautiful to the eye.

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