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Giuseppe Giudici was born in Lecco in 1956 and in 1980 he founded his Photography Studio.

He has always devoted himself to Art, Archaeological and Architectural photography and directs his technical research towards methods which are more and more effective as far as scientific and documentary results are concerned. Alongside more scientific works he also produces traditional photographical features intended for more popular works.

His pictures are present in more than 100 Art and History books and some of his shots have been used to promote various Historical and Archaeological exhibitions.

The ten-year experience in the field combined with cutting edge technologies enable him to create visual solutions which strike and communicate deep meanings. Innovation and tradition are combined in his working methods to set out on road still not trodden and to create images which convey new sensations.

Experiment and shaping the light, photography’s raw material, exploiting it in every way to create colours, shadows, emotions.

Capturing the right instant of a subject to print sensations in images.

To stopo time to let meanings flow.To convey emotions.

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