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Putting to canvas the instant in which Dreams converge and abscond with Reality is Claudia Giraudo’s current priority. Born in 1974 in Turin, where she currently resides and actively collaborates with the Bottega Indaco studio, Claudia began an introspective study after receiving her diploma from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 concentrating on the face as an intermediary messenger. Partially involving her personal experiences, combined with a message to decipher, as though the artist communicates through an unknown tongue, the viewer is required to translate through his or her own personal knowledge and experiences. By means of her symbols, Claudia gently places subjects on canvas who, as messengers, appear ethereal, evanescent, sprites of the air, and within the air, so thin and impalpable that they each deliquesce. Like actors unaware of the role they engage, Claudia Giraudo’s characters move upon a backcloth animated by matter that is also oneiric, almost as though to remind us that we, too, are made of the same material as dreams; and our brief lifetimes are but enclosed within the space and time of a dream

She frequently exibiths on art fairs, private galleries and institutional public places. Her works also are in permanent collections at “Museo Eusebio” of the municipality of Alba (Cn) and at “Sala del Consiglio” of the municipality of Bossolasco (Cn).

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