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GIANNI PIVA was born in Treviso in 1967 and showed an aptitude for colour and painting at an early age. Throughout his youth, Piva travelled with his family to various countries around the world. When he had finished his studies, he started to pursue his dreams of travel, fashion, art, cinema and theatre. A long, intense stay in the Caribbean in a primordial, extraordinarily beautiful, natural setting unleashed his inborn artistic talent, further enriching it with colours and dazzling light. Piva’s works reveal a profound artistic sensitivity that springs from the soul to express itself in intensely vibrant colours, the assertive brushwork pregnant with artistic vitality, joy of living, praise of nature, spiritual richness and messages of hope. After early success in the Americas, Piva returned to Italy in 2000, meeting international gallerists and art dealers who made his work known all over the world. Currently, Piva lives and works in Italy.

Since the late 1990s, Gianni Piva has exhibited in Italy and abroad. In 1998 he exhibited at the Interios Studio, Miami, and the Ferriera gallery, Puerto Plata; in 1999 he exhibited at the Rodríguez gallery, Santo Domingo, and the Bellini Gallery, Los Angeles. In 2000, he exhibited in Milan, at the Basilica of San Francesco, Treviso, and at the Galeria Oliveira, Mexico City; in 2001, his work was displayed at the International Exhibition of Furnishing Accessories, Milan, at the Club Internazionale Pittori, Padua, at Art Design, Milan, and at Arte Padova. In 2002 his works were displayed at the Azuki gallery, Tokyo, at Arte Padova, at the Il Rinascimento gallery, Ferrara, at the Fifth Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Reggio Emilia, and at the Magazine gallery, New York. In the following year, he exhibited at the International Exhibition of the Furnishing Accessory, Milan, the Galleria Villa de l’Este, Barcelona, the Palm Beach gallery, Florida, and Arte Padova. In 2004, he exhibited at the Body Art gallery, San Francisco, the Telemarket Show Room, Brescia, and the Venice Art gallery, Boca Raton; in 2005, he was at the Savoy gallery, Rostov, and again at the Telemarket Show Room, Brescia. In 2006, Gianni Piva exhibited at GM Art, Ponzano Veneto in the province of Treviso, and at Brescia. In 2007, his works were on show at the Gianfranco Meggiato art galleries in Positano, Venice and Milan. For 2008, Gianni Piva has two exhibitions scheduled at Gianfranco Meggiato art galleries in London and the Bonded Warehouse in Kiev, Ukraine.

Gianni Piva’s works are held by public and private collections in Vera Cruz (Mexico), Moscow, Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Dubai, Safat (Kuwait), Odessa (Ukraine), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Los Angeles, Miami and Annapolis (USA).


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