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Gero Sicurella was born on the 9th February 1943 in Palermo . He attended the Art School and, then, the Academy of Arts there . Today, he lives in Turin .Gero Sicurella started his artistic career when he was very young, in the Sixties, appearing in numerous national and international art reviews . In this period, he came into contact with Mario Valsecchi, Francesco Carbone and Alfredo Masala .In 1964, he got a job as a teacher of Art and moved to Marsala, where he founded the “Centrozero delle Arti”, a great review of visual arts involving the most important artists of the time, and tried to combine his activity of painter to his desire to keep on staying “inside” the Italian cultural panorama through frequent contacts with Milan, Rome, Turin and other cities . By the way, his presence in the “official” world of art has never been constant, since he is used to go from times of great creativity and, therefore, production, to times of deep meditation, research and hard study .For over five years, he was a teacher of painting at several painting courses held by the Ente Nazionale di Pittura, a national painting organization in Marsala .Since some years, finally, he has regularly taken part into the Salon D’Automne of Paris .At present, he works both in Turin and in Marsala .His works can be found in various musems, public organizations in Italy and abroad and, of course, in private collections

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