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I am an architect and i realize photography projects such as the representation of Architecture and Construction Yard. Place of  material processing, container forces, masses and volumes and its relationship with the object over. Last work of a long process.

Here in Bologna ( Italy ), for example, I started a review called – Bologna construction.contributions – representing some of the projects of Contemporary Architecture in the city during the implementation until the end of the building works, carried out thanks to agreements and authorizations taken out with the designers, builders and construction companyes from time to time.

I embarked on a personal creative path, through unique pieces or limited series, for other issues and interpretations too such as VACUUM, FATALITIES, URBAN EXPLORATIONS, STYLE EXERCISES.


Born in Genoa in January 1969 after scientific graduating  I joined the faculty of Architecture in Florence, graduating in my hometown. After the first work experience at some professionals studios [engineering and interior design], I moved to Bologna [2001]. Here I worked in the small town of Medicina, with Intek – [contract and made furniture in Italy and abroad, especially Limoni Perfumes] or at the Technodesign Department of Tecnoform in Crespellano [European leader Farm in design and manufacturing furnishings

for recreational vehicles]. There were other collaborations with architectural studios as Gad in Casalecchio di Reno [2004] or with the architect Gian Luca Brini [2005/2007]. Since 2008 I dedicate myself to photography and digital art.

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