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Enzo Archetti was born in Monticelli Brusati (Brescia) in 1946; zodiac sign : capricorn. He started to nourish an interest for Arts during his High School years. He then enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities and, still attending University, he also attended drawing and etching courses at the Academy of Carrara in Bergamo for two years, under the direction of Longaretti. Regarding painting he was able to try other techniques later on, from oil, acrylic and fresco painting, to collage and to the mixture of different techniques, being able to keep a very clear and easily recognizable pictorial identity, though. He graduated in 1970 and he then worked as a teacher until1990. From that moment on he has dedicated himself full time to painting, graphics, installation art and sculptural structures. His first personal exhibition took place in Brescia in 1973. Something like 80 more exhibitions have followed it both in Italy and abroad. Archetti has always considered painting as a language, a way to tell his way of being and that of the others’. At the beginning of his art he built a relationship with what is real, then he started to face the past, the music; he described pieces of infinity and of reflections. He claims to be a painter who depends on Painting: it is painting which rules, which lays down her laws. All the Artist can do is to obey. He lives in downtown Brescia where is also located his atelier. Archetti’s Art has been a topic of discussion in the most important newspapers, specialized magazines and National and cable TV channels.

Enzo Archetti

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