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Katrin Alvarez was born in Güstrow (Mecklenburg). She is a studied lawyer, spent two years as a volunteer journalist and published satirical poems and a novel.

Katrin Alvarez exhibited in Israel, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Austria, France and in the United States. 2007 Alvarez won  the  Allan  Edwards  Award  of  the  Federation  of Canadian Painters (SFCA) in Vancouver. 2011 one of Alvarez’s paintings was chosen to hang in the „Phantasten Museum Wien“ (New Fantastic Art Museum in Vienna). 2012  Alvarez  was  awarded  the  Grande  Médaille  d’Or M.C.A. Cannes-Azur (Le Monde de la Culture et des Arts).

„I see myself as a journalist, describing life in colors and shapes instead of words. Both, the owerwhelming beauty of existence and it’s cruel dark sides – the whole range of being.“

„Katrin Alvarez’ paintings do not try to explain, educate or teach,  “German  psychiatrist  Dr.  Gosciniak  stated  in  an essay, „neither do they carry a mission. They do however embed themselves deeply in anyone who gets attracted to them. They are like a stone cast into a lake. The ripples felt by the individual may expand the horizon of feelings and dreams, clearing memories from debris, thus opening a new way to find one’s deeper and inner self.“

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