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The inaugural italian edition of the Affordable Art Fair in February 2011, held at SuperstudioPiù, in Milan, was a major success, drawing over 9.000 visitors for the 60 galleries participating and resulting in sales of 1 million of artworks. Over 400 journalist attended!

AAF continues to be a successful formula, and is the leading showcase internationally for contemporary art under €5.000 with yearly events in 10 cities and 4 continents (and ever-increasing all over the world).

It continues to remove the barriers to buying contemporary art, attracting both people who do not usually frequent galleries, as well as those who do. From first time buyers to seasoned collectors: the AAF shows that art can be accessible for everyone.

AAF Milan 2012 extends itself: 4000 sq.m of total area, 75 international galleries, a greater communication and marketing plan, with important media partnerships that will assure a great exposure, as well as our large outdoor advertising campaign (subway stops, trains, trams). We expect more than 12,000 visitors and a proportionate increase of art sales.

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